One Person Perfectly Described What Happens After You Lose The ‘Butterflies’ In A Relationship

If you’re ever been in a long-term relationship, you’d know first-hand that they are a lot of work. When you first meet someone, you’re happy, giddy, excited to get to know them and see where your relationship goes. As you progress in your relationship – transitioning from casual dating to a real relationship, a lot of things change. Long gone are the days where you blush, get embarrassed or nervous in front of your significant other – and instead, you reach a peak comfort zone with them. While this is never a bad thing – all long-term relationships should aspire to reach this place – some people are always worrisome when the “butterflies” and “Honeymoon stage” comes to an end.

People are always looking for ways to bring back that “excitement and spark” in their relationships, instead of feeling comfortable or happy with where their relationships are moving. Take it from someone who has been here – who is here – in their life. Once you reach new stages in your relationship – meeting your partner’s family, moving in together, traveling together – your relationship in itself will inevitably change. You reach a new level of commitment and often times, that means the excitement won’t always be there every single day. That’s not to say that it’s gone forever – it’s just not there every waking moment of your life together.

Sure, some days you’ll be excited to see your partner after work or school, other days, you’ll both be exhausted and barely speak because all you want to do is go to bed. It’s natural – it’s not a red flag, it’s nothing to worry about. It took me a very long time to learn this truth.

One person on Tumblr perfectly summed up the truth behind reaching this point in long-term relationships – and, it could not be truer.

Honestly – preach. I needed to read this – to fully understand and appreciate this chapter in my relationship and, I’m sure other people do, too.