Woman Shares How Her Boyfriend Handles Her Crippling Depression And It’s Tear-Worthy

When you’re in love with someone who suffers from depression, things aren’t always easy. Some days are really, really hard. When you have depression, “normal” everyday activities can seem impossible. On days when your depression is at its worst, sometimes it’s impossible for us to speak, leave the bed, or even breathe. It feels as though we’re trapped in a room with just our depression and nothing else. It takes a really special and kind person to truly understand what it means to love someone with depression–it’s not simple, easy, or always fun. Some days are hard, but, there are some days that are absolutely beautiful and awe-worthy, it’s all about how you handle yourself and help your significant other.

One Imgur user shared the truth of how her boyfriend handles her depression when it’s at its worst and honestly, everyone should take notes from this man. RoastedIguana shared this photo–which,  at first, seems confusing:

But, she went into detail how her boyfriend turned her day where she felt as though she couldn’t do anything, into a day she was laughing and smiling:

Story behind the picture: (I swear my bedroom is not as gross as it appears here) I’ve been clinically depressed for 13 years, once in a while I can’t even get myself to get out of bed, no matter how hungry I am or how bad I have to pee. Today is such a day.