People Are Losing Their Damn Minds Over This Crazy Twist On “The Bachelor”

If you watch “The Bachelor” – you’d know that it’s basically a bunch of women living in a house together competing for the love and affection of one man. Personally, you could not pay me enough money to “compete” for someone’s love and affection – but hey, to each their own, right? Every season, women sign up to win over the “eligible Bachelor” and do some pretty wild and embarrassing things to do so. And, in the end, only one special woman walks away with the “final rose” and hopefully, a marriage proposal.

People who watch the TV show always have their “favorite” women – the ones they want to see go all the way to the end and “win” the Bachelor’s heart. But, those women don’t always last on the show – because, it’s a reality TV show and they need to keep viewers hooked, obviously. So, they throw in some major plot twists and obstacles.

Like – for example – what they did on The Bachelor Australia just this week.

Everyone was in love with Tara, a contestant on the show.

They were pretty much convinced that the funny and witty girl had the entire show won – because, she was by far the best choice out of all the women.

EVERYONE DUCK! IT'S ABOUT TO BLOW!!! #overreactionqueen #thebachelorau

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But, unexpectedly, Matt (THE Bachelor) decided he didn’t want to give a rose to Tara – and ripped her heart out on TV – WHAT THE F*CK MATT?!?

Wondering what pubs are open tonight …

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And, people online were not. happy. I mean – NOT happy…