7 Signs You And Your Partner Should Definitely Breakup

6. You’d rather spend time without them than with them.

I am a firm believer that too much time with someone is never a good thing. In any relationship – even healthy ones – partners should always spend time apart. If not, you’ll go insane. Space is healthy and normal in a relationship – I think it’s unhealthy to spend every single waking moment of your life with someone.

But, if you would rather do just about anything than see your partner, that’s a huge problem. You should have a solid, equal sharing time in your life for yourself and your relationship. No relationship should hinder your independence, friendships or family – so, as long as you have enough time for them – you should have enough time for your partner, too. Yet, if you start to feel seeing everyone else is better than seeing your partner – that’s a big problem.

7. You can’t stop focusing on what they don’t have.

No one in life is perfect and Prince Charming and Cinderella only exist in fairy tales. No partner is going to have every single thing you want or need from someone – but, they should have just about enough to make you happy. If you find yourself constantly focusing on what they don’t have and how they don’t treat you – chances are it’s time to find someone else. Not only is it unfair to yourself – as you’re selling yourself short – it’s unfair to your partner, too.

I’m sure there are people out there who will think their qualities are great or enough – because, everyone has different needs. Don’t ruin your life or theirs by pretending it’s enough for you when it’s just not.