7 Inexpensive Hair Growth Products That Actually Do Work

If you ask any girl what they want for Christmas, most of them will say for their hair to grow. If you’re like me and you’ve dyed your hair more times than you can count – you know a thing or two about damage. My hair has been every single color in the book – red, orange, brown, blonde, gray, blue, black – you name it, I’ve done it. But, now, I’ve hit a wall in hair growth. When you constantly dye and damage your hair – or use heat on it too often (didn’t we all go through the “only straight hair phase” with Laguna Beach?) it can be hard for it to recover. And, when you need to get it healthy again – hair stylists will insist you cut off all the dead ends. But, how do we grow our hair out to be long and luxurious like a Disney Princess? Products, of course.

There are tons of products on the market that say it will fix your damaged hair – but not all of them really do. I’ve spoken to dozens of hair stylists, beauty bloggers and friends throughout the years looking for a way to grow out my locks and here are the top products they recommend.

1. Castor Oil:

Castor oil is thick but, it’s great for helping grow out your hair – or even your eyelashes and eyebrows. Most people insist that sleeping with it on your roots and ends overnight is the best way to go – but because my hair is so thin, I only use it as a 20-minute mask before I shower. After you use it, only shampoo – if you condition, your hair will get greasy.

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2. Vitamins:

Ensuring you’re getting the right vitamins is important to your health. Some foods can give you the vitamins you need, but if you’re not eating right – you can take a supplemental vitamin to help your hair, skin, and nails. The gummy ones are great because – I’m a child and they taste good.

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3. Wet brush detangler:

Whenever I brush or comb my hair after a shower, I’m shedding all over the floor and then my boyfriend screams at me that there’s hair everywhere. The thing is, I don’t want to lose any more hair than I already do – so, I grabbed this “wet brush” from Amazon that helps brush my hair when it’s wet without ripping my hair out.

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5. Mane ‘n Tail:

Mane ‘n tail was one of those old wise tales that everyone used when we were kids to grow out hair out. But, I still use this shampoo regularly. I rotate it with a “replenishing” shampoo so that it doesn’t kill my hair completely – but, this actually works. Since using it, my hair is thicker and definitely has grown. Plus, the bottles are huge so it’ll last you a really long time.

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6. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is great for a lot of things, but I use it a ton for my hair and skin. For my hair, I do a 20-minute hair mask like I do with castor oil, or sometimes, I’ll use it as a conditioner. For your skin, it’s a great way to replace lotion to ensure maximum hydration.

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7. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Treatment:

I’ve used this product for years. Right after you shower, use a tiny bit (dime size) on your ends. It makes your hair soft and healthy, without having to weigh it down too much. It also has Keratin which helps grow your hair out, too.

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