13 Things You Need If You’re A Stone Cold B*tch IRL

Every girl needs products that reflect how she really feels about the world and everyone in it. Even if that means hating literally everyone.

1. Classy yet sassy phone case:

This phone case says exactly what you need people to know about you. Get it from Forever 21.

2. “Uh yeah no” tell me how you really feel t-shirt:

Be up front and honest with people from the moment you walk by with this blunt t-shirt. Get it from Forever 21.

3. “I’m not always a b*tch” who are fooling pillow:

Let anyone who comes over know you mean business with this pillow from Amazon.

4. The b*tch bible: Why Men Marry B*tches:

I read this book when I was a young girl and it changed my life. You should try it out. Get it on Amazon.

5. “Boy’s Tears” travel cup:

Drink ’em on up. Get this from Forever21.

6. Too sassy for you t-shirt:

Show them who’s really the sas-Queen with this tee from Forever 21.

7. This “nah” duvet cover because, well, nah.

Never get out of bed, but get this on RedBubble.

8. I have absolutely no chill hat – because same.

Get it here from JacVanek.

9. Keep everyone away with this doormat.

Get it on Amazon.

10. Sassy since birth laptop decal.

Stick this wherever you need, grab it on Redbubble.

11. Make sure no one dirties up your house with this “shoes off” mat.

Grab it on Etsy.

12. This honest to God makeup bag that explains everything.

Jac Vanek knows what she’s talking about. Grab it from Amazon.

13. Only here for pizza flannel:

Honestly, same. Grab it on Zumies.