15 Of The Best F***ing Deals On Amazon Today

Every day we poke around for the best deals on Amazon and bring them straight to you. So sit back, sip your coffee, and get out your wallet because these sales are too hot to miss. Plus, like, you shouldn’t really have to do any work until you’ve sufficiently treated yo’ self.

Full Disclosure: We may receive some portion of the sales made on this list. We’re using it to build the first ever pool that’s above ground and in-ground at the same time.

1. 71% off this makeup sponge!

No it’s not a sex toy. Then again, everything is a sex toy if you believe in yourself.

Check it out here.

2. This tree of life pendant is 83% off.

It’s subtle, stylish, and will grant you the unspeakable curse of immortality. (May not actually grant you the unspeakable curse of immortality.)

Check it out here.

3. 82% off these flame-less LED candles.

Great for when you can’t be trusted with flames and curtains.

Check ’em out here.

3. This hot one-piece bathing suit is only $14!

Summer may be over, but that really means it’s the perfect time to buy bathing suits. The other seasons are really just prep time for summer, right?

Check it out here.

4. How about an essential oil diffuser 52% off?

Fill your home with aromatherapy with a device that looks like it’s from a Utopian future YA novel.

Check it out here.

5. These awesome string lights are 63% off.

Great for hosting dinner parties in your outdoor space, or to class up your sex dungeon.

Check ’em out here.

6. A sunrise simulation alarm clock 64% off.

Because who the f*** is waking up in time for the actual sunrise?

Check it out here.

7. This super cute backpack is only $18!

Perfect for back-to-school or your next Eurotrip. Or for studying abroad and acting all cultured all of a sudden.

Check it out here.

8. 52% off this standing desk.

When you stand up at work, your body will thank you and your coworkers will be low-key jealous.

Check it out here.

9. Chocolate frog molds for only $5!

Make them for a party, or for a wild Saturday night by yourself Netflix and Chocolate-frog-ing.

Check it out here.

10. Who wouldn’t want this baller makeup brush holder filled with pearls?

It’s only $20! Small price to pay for being the classiest b**** since Queen Victoria.

Check it out here.

11. Strawberry mochi!

It’s so good you’ll straight up cancel your plans to eat it.

Check it out here!

12. Van Gogh art prints for 68% off!

Significantly cheaper than buying actual Van Gogh paintings.

Check em out here!

13. This chopstick set is 33% off.

It’s so nice you’ll feel bad using it for instant ramen at 2 in the morning.

Check it out here.

14. Unbreakable champagne flutes for 58% off!

Of course, you’ll have to be the judge of whether they’re really unbreakable or not.

Check ’em out here.

15. This awesome retro clock is 63% off.

Make every day feel like a day in a Paris bakery. Without the snotty waiters.

Check it out here.