23 Waiters Share The Most F*cked Up Thing They’ve Overheard While Waiting On Tables

6. jm628314:

A couple use to come into my work, probably mid 50’s, they would request to sit somewhere private so she could proceed to jerk him off under the table and have him cum in a glass. We obviously didn’t allow this (nor realize it) until we actually saw the glass. They were already gone by then. The next time they came in we didn’t realize it as them and got hit again. Finally the third time we knew, sat them in the bar area where your pretty much on a display for 50-300 people. They requested to sit somewhere more private and we point blank told them absolutely not, they stopped returning after that.

7. CalmerThanYouAre9:

“I like my women like I like my whiskey. 15 years old with just a little bit of coke,” 2 random dudes at the bar.

8. deliverydrama:

I work in a pretty big tourist beach town, an older couple comes in one night, super nice. They were there for a while, pretty much until close. I come by to ask if they need anything. “Actually, my wife and I were talking, and since its our last night here, we wanted to know if you would be interested in joining us back at our hotel room?” I smiled, told them thanks but no thanks, but have a nice rest of your trip. They left me a hefty tip and went on their way.

9. duckyblinders:

A little girl’s (couldn’t be older than 10) dad’s drunk girlfriend calling her fat piece of shit, not pretty enough, etc. When they ordered she asked for a baked potato and the girlfriend said “Really? Do you really need that potato, Hailey?”. The little girl was holding back tears all night.

I messed up her order and brought her the potato. Then I brought her a free dessert to make up for the mistake. Just to piss off the drunk girlfriend.

10. orthag:

Not a waiter, but a barista. I once over heard two teenage girls waiting on their drinks talking about whether or not they think that charges would be pressed against them for beating up a developmentally disabled girl. Apparently they think they won’t because “she deserved it.”