9 Questions We Have After The Latest GoT Episode, “The Spoils of War”


Episode four of the seventh season of Game of Thrones has left us all shocked and also – kind of mad. So much went on throughout this episode that I had to pause, rewind and make sure I didn’t miss one moment of dialogue. And, although the episode was the shortest of the entire series, it left us with a lot of unanswered questions.

1. Is Jamie alive or what?

The end of the episode left us with the ultimate cliffhanger. Basically, the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers – is Jamie Lannister alive or dead? The episode ended with Dany’s dragon putting the fire on Jamie – and, not figuratively. In fact, he tried to kill Jamie in order to protect his mother – Dany.

Yet, someone came to save the day (Bronn?) and pushed Jamie out of the way and into the water. The screen fades to black as an unconscious Jamie Lannister is sinking in said water.

Now, I’m no war expert, but armor is hella heavy – I’m pretty sure he can’t float while wearing an entire suit of armor, not to mention, his gold hand.

2. Is it incest if you don’t know you’re related?

Dany and Jon have so much sexual tension and it is driving me insane. I’m sick and tired of this incest because I can’t be shipping relationships on a show that’s against my principles.

After their meeting in the cave, Missandei asked Dany what went on and of course, she gives a cheeky answer. As well, Ser Davos made a slight comment to Jon about Dany, as well. Are these two boning behind my back? Am I being played?

Technically, Dany and Jon have no idea they’re related in any way. So, does it become incest if the two parties have no clue?

3. How hot is dragon fire compared to regular fire?

Dany rode in on her dragon and basically lit the Lannister army the f*ck up. The scene was absolute perfection and honestly, I rewatched it twice. I’m no dragon expert, but the speed in which Drogon was able to annihilate the army was insane.

So – if we were to measure, is dragon fire hotter than regular ol’ fire? Asking for a friend.

4. WTF does Littlefinger want?

I can’t keep up with Littlefinger and his antics. He wants to be on everyone’s side but f*ck over everyone at the same time. He was in love with Cat, then Lysa, and claims he wants to now be with Sansa – but I’m just like…Why you so obsessed with the Starks, LF?

What is his angle here and who does he really owe his loyalties to? Does LF even have a loyal bone in his body?

Also, is he a registered sex offender or what?

5. Why is Bran (to quote Pink Floyd) comfortably numb?

What does it really mean to be “The Three Eyed Raven” and why is Bran basically a robot now? He barely shows any emotion or care about anyone or anything in the world – and, while I’d be pretty devastated to be paralyzed forever – I don’t understand how someone can lose all emotional capability.

6. What will Cersei do now that she’s lost her boytoy?

Cersei was banking (lol) on Jamie bringing back all of the gold and money from High Garden, and, also for Jamie to make it out alive. It seems as though Cersei is heartless, but when it comes to Jamie – she’s weak AF.

If Jamie did really die, what’s going to happen to Cersei and her reign as Queen? Is she going to crumble in heartache – or will she do the same sh*t she did after her kids died and become even more ruthless?

7. Why is Sansa so butt-hurt over Arya?

Arya Stark finally returned home to Winterfell and everyone was excited (except, maybe, Sansa). Arya got in a little sword fight/training with Brienne and – Sansa watched over as her sister showed everyone around that she plays no games and is not to be f*cked with. But, why did Sansa snark off and look all pissed off?

Is she mad because she’s “Lady Stark” but can’t fight for sh*t?

8. Is Tyrion having a change of heart?

Tyrion looked pretty confused and torn when he watched over his family’s army get torched by his Queen, Dany. He also looked really hurt when he saw his brother, Jamie, maybe die – mouthing “flee you idiot.”

Tyrion looks like he’s having a hard time choosing whether or not he’s making the right choice in supporting Dany and abandoning his family – even if they treated him like crappola.

9. Why the f*ck did the episode end at 8:52?!?

Game of Thrones has been well known to have their episodes 60+ minutes long. So, to my surprise, I looked at the clock and the screen faded to black at only 8:52. They robbed me of my eight minutes. Listen, I watch this show every week – I look forward to Sundays now because of GotT. The Sunday Scaries are a thing of the past and I could care less that tomorrow is Monday because – I get to get my Throne on.

So – where the f*ck are my eight minutes?!?