This Animated Film About A Boy’s First Crush & Coming Out Is Absolutely Everything

In many childhood films growing up, we weren’t necessarily exposed to many LGTBQ relationships or problems they face within society. Due to this, it makes most members of that community feel “different” and not the “norm” in their childhoods. So often, we saw Prince Charming rescue a Princess, and never a Prince Charming rescue a Prince, or a Princess Charming rescue a Princess.

But, in May, two students released a trailer for an animated film called “In A Heartbeat,” which would focus around a boy’s first crush on another boy and coming out as a young student.

After the trailer reached 1.5 million views – the film created by students Beth David and Esteban Bravo, has reached 14 million views on YouTube and seriously, has brought on real tears.

The short film can definitely pass as a Pixar Animated Film and is beautiful – but, we don’t have to tell you – you can watch it yourself here.

Of course, Twitter has applauded, cried and absolutely loved this film. Although it’s a short, the film depicts so many truths that we have as young students who experience young love. First, we can’t help who we love and our feelings for people. Second, coming out can be really scary for many people who want to. And, third, you are never alone.