The New York Post Seriously Tweeted “Boobs Are Back In A Big Way” & Twitter Had Some Thoughts

Sometimes, media outlets post some ridiculous things – and, we can say this because we’re a media outlet. Poorly written headlines, tweets and photo captions can go so wrong so fast nowadays because everything is shared in an instant via social media. So, when The New York Times tweeted this “new discovery” (lol, so not new), Twitter was lit with opinions.

Thank God for Twitter honestly because, if not, I would have no where to get my tea.

Yes, this is a real tweet and yes, they are serious.

Now, I’m no expert in boob trends – but, I am a female and I myself, have boobs. I’m pretty sure they never went anywhere – unless I may have missed something while I was drinking my second bottle of Pinot Grigio the other night.

As expected, Twitter was fired up about this one.

But don’t worry – they came up with a “classier headline” after seeing the backlash.

LOL – not any better, NYP. Get it together.