MAC Is Giving Out Free Lipsticks Today So, Hurry The F*ck Up & Go Get Yours

For all of our beauty gurus and makeup loving readers – we have some really, really good news. Today, July 29th, happens to be National Lipstick Day. Lipstick, for years, has been a staple of the makeup industry and today, more than ever, is the perfect asset to our face beat.

Whenever I’m going out somewhere, I feel hella complete if I top my look off with a killer lip – dark, light, bright, nude – you name it, I need it. But, to get good makeup, you often times have to spend good money – like going to Sephora and blowing up the bank account.

But – to celebrate National Lipstick Day, MAC, your favorite makeup company, is giving away free lipstick at their signature stores.

That’s right, we said f r e e  l i p s t i c k.

Just pop into your local MAC store and pick out your new shade – you can literally pick any color you’d like and you don’t even have to buy anything else to grab a free one.

Thanks MAC, you make our dreams come true.