Women Say Writing These 14 Things On Dating Profiles Are Instant Deal-Breakers

Ah, the beautiful, wonderful world of online dating. It seems like all fun and games until you realize – f*ck – no one wants to date me. When you’re setting up your dating profile – whether it be Tinder or Match.com – a lot of care and selectiveness goes into it. You have to come up with witty sayings or phrases, a great profile picture and figure out how to “market” yourself to seem…well…dateable.

But, there are some people who do this all damn wrong and write some hella horrible things in their bios. Like – to the men who write their d*ck length in their Tinder bios – go home, you’re drunk.

Women took to Reddit to open up about the “dating profile deal-breakers” and, I have to say – same.

1. airfrommylungs

Anything that insinuates you’re too good to be on [insert dating site here]. If you were really too good for Tinder, you wouldn’t be on Tinder.

2. RNtUGlad

If I see “I can be your redneck Romeo” one more time.

3. pieceofgrass

“Get at me ! “

“Just chillin hmu”

A list of emojis I’m supposed to decipher that explain who you are

“420 is my middle name” (not against it, just don’t care for it IMO)

“I’m really 19 not sure why it says 26 haha ;)”

Edit: Oh, and I just saw one that simply says, “My dick is 9″ I’ll prove it ;)”

4. okiedokedudedamn

god?? family? ball? grind? gains?? goals? hmu 😉

5. __yamz__

“Who’s gonna be my ride or die”


Have usernames like “bigdick34” or “likestolick”

7. rhapsodytwelve

Complaining about exes on the profile is a big deal breaker for me.

8. jllee14

Their sexual resumé. I had one guy say he had a 10 inch cock, was down for cuffs, and loved to eat ass. Next!

9. evilene_sorcha

Bad grammar. Saying you like to party as if that’s your favourite hobby. That weird review thing they do like “best guy ever – the times” or something.

10. chickenandnuggies

Putting a quote in their bio about how most women are crazy and how he’s looking for a woman who isn’t crazy.

11. aj0y

“my truck is the most important thing in the world” BYE

12. genjen97

“That’s not my dog” Disappointment in one sentence. 

13. whats_it_such

I have seen SO many guys put things like “RIP Grandma 6.2.17”.

Yes, Tinder is totally the place to remember your deceased grandmother.

14. LookingforPonchu

Anything along the lines of “just tired of games” or “looking for someone who is real” You sound like a whiney person who has some serious baggage.