This Teen’s Summer Bucket List Is Going Viral & It’s Got Summer Goals Written All Over It

When you’re a teenager, you look forward to summer all year long. Being in high school usually means you actually get to have a “summer.” Fast-forward to adulthood, most of us have jobs and work year-round – meaning, there’s no such thing as a real “summer vacation.” But, looking back, we can’t help but reminisce on how much we loved summer vacations – planning, partying and staying out all night with our near and dear friends.

And, to add to the nostalgia, one Twitter user shared a “Summer Bucket List” that was found in an Urban Outfitter’s dressing room and it’s been going viral because – all of the feels.

Some of these are – well – ridiculous. I don’t think I’d really want to be writing down the fact that I want to “have sex” and give “two blowjobs” to make my summer great. Others are things I’d most definitely want to do to have an epic summer.

Lemonade stand? Yes.

Concerts? Yes.

Boob hickies? I guess.


While some of us are busy remembering what it was like to be young and look forward to summer, others are confused and astounded by how oddly organized this list is – and how some things are so innocent and so…not.

^ Same.