Why Letting Go Of “What If’s” Will Change The Way You Look At Love

What if we loved all these what ifs away?

“and you think you know what love is. and then someone comes along and they rewrite the book. and you realize what you knew of love was so limited. and so primitive. and whether they go or they remain, one thing is certain. your life is never really the same.”


The What If’s…

What if each love you shared was only meant to get you to the next chapter – could all these loves have been stepping stones to prepare you for the finale? I would like to believe that without my first and second love.. I would never know what to do with my earth shaking third and hopefully final love.

Charlotte: “You only get two great loves in your life.” (I’m on my second so lets hope this B*itch
Charlotte is right).

Carrie: “What does that mean?”

Charlotte (dreamily): “A love that changes you, that shakes you to the core…”

Listen, as women we are constantly searching for written in stone rules to love. We constantly compare our current relationships to our past relationships, to our friends relationships, to what we see on social media – but what if the love you have is exactly what it should be, what if you are with exactly who you are supposed to be with at this very exact moment? And what if you’re not.

You see where I am going with this.. these what if’s are endless mind f*cks.. ,

The outside noise isn’t really outside noise, its you…

Girls will be girls.. we love to sit around and compare stories, mostly sex stories, the size of our boyfriends penises.. and even when its friendly its all a competition.

When does sharing with the girls, potentially hurt your relationship?  I’ll tell you this much – the moment I stopped comparing, the moment I kept our arguments private between him and I excluding any outside opinions and noise, was the very moment I realized how much happier I was.

I love my girls, but I trust myself to know right from wrong and make sound decisions when it comes to the man I love and I trust that my girls will step in when they notice if things are off. We all have to fall, and not all falls are bad.

Cue: Russ – Losin Control (Great song).

What if this is the one? What if he isn’t cheating or wearing your thongs when you aren’t home? What if he puts the toilet seat down and tucks you in at night? Listen the possibilities are endless..

What if you finally met the “one?”