Blac Chyna Claims Rob Kardashian’s Nude Leak Is “Domestic Abuse”

Last week, the entire Internet went into melt-down when Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna went World War III online – for everyone to see. It all started out when Rob Kardashian found out Chyna was dogging him – by doing another man in their bed and sending him video evidence. Then, Rob went all “Edward Snowden” and leaked some private information – like, Chyna’s phone number, texts, and more importantly – nudes.

While people think Rob had a pretty damn good point – Chyna used and manipulated him – he also violated her privacy and trust the minute he posted the nude photos online – especially since he has millions of followers. While his Instagram has since been taken down due to the inappropriate posts. thousands of people ripped the photos and distributed them online.

What Rob Kardashian did was not only savage and salty – but it was also illegal in the state of California, which, has laws against “revenge porn.” Since the incident, Blac Chyna has hired a lawyer and is prepared to bring Rob to court.

They are scheduled to appear, lawyers and all, in court on Monday – but, before the trial, Chyna gave her first “public” interview about the situation alongside her lawyer – Lisa Bloom. In the interview on Good Morning America, Chyna discussed how “betrayed” she felt and how they are filing a restraining order – claiming Rob’s nude leak was “domestic violence.”

“I was devastated, of course. I’m like, how could somebody post these pictures of me. And I’m like, wow. OK. This is a person I trusted. I just felt betrayed.”

Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, said:

“It’s also domestic abuse, which allows us to go in immediately and get domestic violence restraining orders to protect Chyna.”

Chyna also explained her side of the situation – that she and Rob have been broken up since December – which, we all weren’t aware of because Rob has been making it look like the two of them have been together for this entire time. She said she had been “trying to cut ties” with Rob and he would not take no for an answer, sending the video with another man as “a message to leave her alone,” because she had “moved on.”

She also stated in the interview that taking Rob to court is something she’s trying to to do to inspire other women who may be in similar situations.

“I would just like to say something… to all the women out there. You know, you’re not the only one that’s probably going through something. So I feel as though if one person speaks up, maybe it, hopefully, it will be a domino effect.”