Starbucks Added The “Pink Ombre” Drink To Their Regular Menu

Just in time for summer.

Good news for Starbucks fans just in time for summer!

With the coffee chain introducing brand new drinks and frappuccinos to kick off summer vacation, they’re catching on with the latest in “social media” trends and customer desires. For a while now, Starbucks lovers have been obsessed with “secret menu” items and bothering their baristas to make them.

Starbucks head-honchos must have caught on with the trends because they’ve recently decided to add a popular, favorite “secret menu” item to their main menu – the pink ombre drink.

The drink is pretty refreshing to get for summer when it’s hot, hot, hot. It’s made with a cool, lime refresher base, coconut milk and topped off with passion fruit iced tea. Sounds delicious to me.

And, people are loving it.