Some A**hole Is Suing His Date For Texting At The Movies

Okay, guy.

People on the Internet are way too sensitive to things lately. Everything needs to be “politically correct,” because if not, everyone on Facebook might cry.

Take this guy, for example, who decided to sue his date because she was “texting during the movie he took her to.”

I’m dead serious.

Brandon Vezmar is a butt-hurt 37-year-old who took out a girl he met on Bumble and got annoyed AF when she was texting during the movie they saw. Now, he’s decided to take her to court and make her pay up the $17.31 he spent on movie tickets – and, the $4 he spent on a slice of pizza for her.

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First of all – maybe you shouldn’t have taken her out on a cheap $20 date.

Maybe she was bored. Maybe you’re not interesting. Maybe she smelled your douchebaggery from a mile away. Maybe you two just didn’t have chemistry.

Why do you have to be so sensitive and make her pay for the time you spent with her, you jackass?

Normal people understand that when a date doesn’t go well, you move on and meet someone else. If you didn’t want to spend the money to take a girl out – you’re obviously not ready to have a relationship with someone anyway.

Clearly, this dude sucks – so ladies, if you see him on Bumble, swipe LEFT.

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