10 Ben & Jerry’s Flavors You Need In Your Life ASAP

When one scoop isn’t good enough, eat the whole pint.

Everyone is familiar with the situation. You’re sitting on the couch about to watch Netflix and you have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in your hand. The intention is to eat some and save the rest for later, but before you know it, the entire pint is gone. So much for saving some for the rest of the house! In honor of this too real situation, I have compiled a list of the ten best flavors to keep in mind for the next time you “only want a little of the pint.”

1. Cake Batter

For all the cake lovers out there, this flavor is the perfect option between a baked good and ice cream. It allows for the richness of cake to meet the refreshing taste of ice cream, and is almost as satisfying as a slice of cake with its decadence. Although it might sound like a basic flavor, there is no going wrong with such a classic.

2. Cherry Garcia 

Probably the most notable of any Ben and Jerry’s Flavor, Cherry Garcia is again and again the favorite of any Jerry’s fan. It is equally delicious and refreshing, and stands out among their many chocolate and cookie varieties.

3. Half Baked

With this flavor comes the satisfaction of eating raw cookie dough without the guilt and risk of salmonella. The gobs of cookie dough are any sweet tooth’s dream and make this flavor a step up from your other basic cookie dough ice cream in the freezer section of the supermarket.

4. Phish Food

This flavor is not only punny but also quite delicious and fun. The little chocolate-caramel fish allow for a more playful flavor and perfectly complement the other components of the flavor.

5. Late Night Snack

What happens when you combine Jimmy Fallon and ice cream? A flavor that is filled with chocolate covered potato chips, that’s what. While this flavor sounds weirdly intriguing, it was unfortunately pulled out of production. Many of us will never know what delicious of a treat this ice cream surprisingly turned out to be.

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6. The Tonight Dough

After a failed attempt with late night snack, Jimmy Fallon was given another shot with The Tonight Dough. With gobs of not only cookie dough but also peanut butter cookie dough (!!) this ice cream is a huge hit.

7. S’mores

Although this ice cream cannot fully recreate the deliciousness of a fresh s’more right off the bonfire, it sure does a pretty good job. It hits the spot mostly during the times of year when S’mores are out of the question, and this ice cream is the only thing that can satisfy the craving.

8. Chubby Hubby 

This ice cream sure lives up to its name with all the indulgent goodies that it has packed in. With fudge-covered peanut butter filled pretzels, fudge, and peanut butter, this ice cream will be sure not to disappoint. Don’t have too much though. After all, you are what you eat!

9. What a Cluster

Although the name makes it sound like a bad thing, this flavor sounds like a whole lot of fun The peanut butter ice cream base makes this flavor original, and the caramel cluster pieces and marshmallow swirls take it to another level entirely.

10. Everything but the…

Finally, Everything but the.. is a wonderful mix of all ice cream lover’s favorite treats. Starting off with a combination of BOTH vanilla and chocolate ice cream, the flavor then also includes chunks of Heath Bar, white chocolate, Reese’s Cups, and finally is topped off with chocolate covered-almonds. If you are looking for an ice cream with a ton of variety and lots to offer, this is the one for you!

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