Teenager’s Father Disowns Her For Her Choice In Prom Date

WARNING: This article contains highly offensive language.

Let me start off by saying – this was painful for me to write.

It’s 2017. It’s been 54 years since the March on Washington. It’s been 53 years since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed. And, yet, while segregation had ended so many years ago – we still live in a society where people believe they have the right to be openly racist in America. So much so, that they will even disown their own family to stand by their close-minded and harmful opinions about other humans.

Anna Hayes from Arkansas knows this all too well after her father decided to completely cut her off for taking a friend to prom – her friend happened to be black.

Anna claims that for as long as she can remember, her father has been openly racist about people who are “not white.”

“He had always been openly racist around me when I was growing up in his household, but it never really occurred to me what it exactly meant to be racist, when you’re a child you look at the world completely different.”