Rude Woman Fat-Shames Passengers And Gets Kicked Off Plane

What is it about airplanes that bring out the absolute worst in people? Is it the small, compact space? Is it the loss of oxygen? Is it the horrible airplane food? Whatever the reasoning, people tend to act like complete jerks whenever they are on airplanes—despite the fact that many of them are going on vacation.

Just recently, on New Year’s Day, Norma Rodgers and her friend were flying from Las Vegas to New Jersey on a United Airlines flight when a rather rude woman made a commotion about their weight on the flight. Rodgers and her friend were seated in the window and aisle seat, and a stranger sat in between them. Just as the fight was about to take off, the woman made a scene yelling on the phone:

“I can’t sit here because they’re both so big, Left and right. I can’t even sit here. I can’t breathe. I’m so squished.”

Although she was on the phone, she was being rather rude, making both Rodgers and her male companion rather embarrassed and uncomfortable. But, Rodgers decided to record the entire situation on her phone, in order to showcase just how hard some people have it in society when they’re a bit “larger” than the norm. Additionally, she even tried to get the woman a different seat.

But, Rodgers had the entire thing on camera—even when the woman was shaming her saying: “I eat salad, Ok?!?”

Passengers on the flight agreed with Rodgers that the woman was being disgusting and fat-shaming Rodgers and her partner. Ultimately, flight attendants decided to remove the woman from the plane altogether—and, rightfully so.

You can see the entire ordeal here.

h/t: CBS.