14 People Who Have Mastered The Art Of Leaving Passive Aggressive Notes

There are two types of people in this world: those who confront the people they have a problem with, and those who leave passive aggressive notes. Personally, I love leaving an angry note. It’s quick, easy, and no one gets hurt (especially me).

These fine folks share my proclivity for ducking confrontation and did so with such flair I had to share. The passive aggressive note is an art form, and these masterpieces should be in a museum.

 1. Bonus points for writing it on toilet paper.

2. Grape thieves have no class.

3. But they do have sass.

4. A lot to unpack here…

5. A classic coworker struggle.

6. What’s your deal, Mike?

7. I straight LOLed at “bourgeoisie parking vigilante.”

8. Also, maybe just don’t wear cologne.

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9. You’re going down, Sarah.

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10. Everyone here lost.

11. Who hurt you, Uber driver?

12. The real lesson here is if you graduate with an English degree you’ll work in housekeeping.

13. Please.

14. Helpful note or cry for help?

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Seems like a trick.. #passiveaggressivenotes

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h/t BuzzFeed