Students Came Up With This Genius Way To Take Notes & It’ll Change College Forever

When you’re a college student, there’s nothing more stressful than trying to make sure you take the “right notes” in order to be prepared for exams and finals. While most professors don’t really give a f*ck if you understand the content – seriously – there are times where you will be sitting in a lecture hall saying “what the actual f*ck is going on?”

Well, have no fear, because these students just changed the way you are going to want to take notes forever. It’s true that when you reach college, you’re finally granted the “permission” to have electronic devices in class (unless you have a real HARDO as a professor and if you do, I’m sorry). This makes taking notes 10x easier because we all took Type To Learn in 5th grade and are better at typing than we are at writing.

But – have you ever thought of collaborating with everyone else in your class? These kids did.

Basically, they used Google Docs – a Google version of Microsoft Word that allows you to “share documents” with several people – and worked together on creating the notes for the semester. They were able to make remarks, ask questions and even add things to the “master notes” for the course.

Mind. Blown.

What a brilliant idea!