Student Finds Out He Bombed His Midterm Exam Thanks To A Viral Tweet

There’s nothing worse for a student than finding out you’ve completely flunked an exam you studied for–especially when it’s a midterm. Any college student knows that midterm exams are weighed so highly in classes that if you bomb one, it’s pretty hard to come back from it.
There’s no “good” way to find out that you’ve failed a midterm, but, if you were going to choose how you find out, I’m sure a viral tweet isn’t the way you’d like. Roy was on a flight next to a professor who was grading exams. He saw that someone named Taiwan Jones failed miserably, and decided to tweet about it.

His tweet was seen by a lot of people–so many, that #FindTaiwan began trending in his area. People truly wanted to warn Taiwan before it was too late.

Before you know it…Taiwan Jones himself saw the heartbreaking tweet.

And, he felt pretty bad about it.

Turns out, his friend had sent him the tweet when it went viral–because, Twitter is a powerful place.

Let this be a lesson to you all–study for your midterms so you don’t get publicly blasted on social media for bombing it.