People Reveal The Letters They Never Sent To Someone, But Wish That They Did

According to the description for this subReddit, “We’ve all had times where we’ve wanted to spill the beans to someone, be they bad or good, but never did or can’t for whatever reasons. Post a letter here, whether it’s a Thank You note or something not so happy.

Letter to an ex? Mad at the parents? Roommates getting to you? Thankful but can’t express it?
This is the place to say what needs to be said.”

Here are a few that tugged the hardest at our heartstrings.

You know what, I really love you..

Last night I looked at you and while we were laughing at ridiculous videos, and I just knew that I love you.


Dear dead cousin

Your death was not hard on me. It was a weekend. I was far away from where you were. I don’t remember if I made up an excuse to not come for the funeral or just plain stated that I’m not coming. I had no plans to see you dead. There was a bit of guilt about not being there for your family but you know how selfish I am. I drowned myself in alcohol that weekend. Monday I was back at work telling people how you were dead all of a sudden. By then I thought I was over it.

I tried to make myself believe that you didn’t mean that much to me. After all, we saw each other just once or twice a year. I didn’t even remember what we were talking about the last time we met. It was your brother’s wedding. I just remember holding your hand. There’s a photo of you on my phone taken on that day. It’s an awkward picture clicked while you were busy doing something. I don’t remember why I took that picture. It feels weird that that is the last picture I took of you.

Your death was really not hard on me then but it’s been two years and with time I feel worse and worse when I think about you. I still subconsciously look around for you when I see your family. I don’t like it when people talk about you. I don’t know how your name pops up every time there’s a family gathering. It makes me uncomfortable even when they are talking about some of my favorite memories. Will it ever get better?

I wish I had told you that you were my favorite person and that I loved you even more than my sister. I wished I had thanked you for not treating me like a weird little kid even when I was one and putting up with me even after I grew up into a weird adult.