43 Super Weird Facts About Sex You’ve Never Heard Before

33. Women can cum by smelling certain mushrooms.

The smell of pumpkins has been linked to male arousal. So, be careful on Halloween, fellas.

32. The average size of the male penis is 5.6 inches.

But, according to several surveys, most women claim to “not care” about the actual length of the male genitalia. Instead, they’re more interested in how it is used.

31. 12% of adults have had sex while at work.

While having sex in the workplace is definitely not something we recommend, it’s not impossible. According to online surveys, 12% of people have had sex in their office or business.

30. Keeping a condom for a long period of time is stupid.

Latex usually lasts – well – for only 2 years. So, if you’re carrying around an old condom in your wallet, throw it TF out.

29. Vaginas are long, just like penises.

The average length of a vagina is 3 to 4 inches long but can expand 200% when they’re horny.

28. Keep your pubes, it may save your life.

Shaving your pubic hair, for both males and females, increases your risk of contracting an STI and STD.

27. Guys get smaller as they age.

As men get older, their d*cks decrease in size. You may be rocking an 8-inch in your 20’s, but by your 50’s, it’ll be smaller.

26. Not all women can reach that big O.

Only 25% of women can orgasm from penetration. Other women cannot climax from penetration alone and need other stimulation to get there. Some women (10%) cannot even orgasm at all. And, we’re so, so sorry to these women.

25. Men burn more calories than women during intercourse.

When men have sex, they burn an average of 100 calories. When women have sex, they burn an average of 69-70 calories.

24. Some states outlaw sex toys.

Alabama and Mississippi both do not allow their citizens to use sex toys  – although, it does not stop them from doing so. It’s only illegal if you get caught.