People Are Seriously Inspired By How This Makeup Artist Turns Her Acne Spots And Scars Into Stars

I can write a dissertation, fully backed by an ever-growing body of scholarly research, about the detriments of Instagram to the mind and the self, but one fact is indisputable: Toxic as the social media platform could be, it has also played a pivotal role in helping the body-acceptance and self-love movement become more pronounced with each passing year.

Photographer Peter DeVito is a prime example of this push towards normalizing bodies. You may have seen some of his photos, in which his models are depicted in all their traditionally “not beautiful” beauty. He has focused a lot on acne, specifically, and removing the association of acne as something to be covered up or ashamed of.

Another power player is Em Ford, whose nearly 1 million devoted Instagram followers are a testament to how common acne is, and how ready those who suffer from it are to cast off the shackles of self-hate.

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Sometimes, Iím not going to have a positive quote to make you feel better, because sometimes words just arenít enough. – If youíre struggling, having a bad day, not feeling good about yourself, or just wishing the day away… Just know that sometimes I have them too. – We all do. ?? – Well, maybe except @elonmusk because heís some futuristic superhero who has come save us all ???? But then he hasnít proposed to me yet – so maybe heís having his bad day too ????…? – Hereís to the girls who are out there, working their butts off, doing their best, living their life, and still feeling like their world is crashing down around them. – Iím not gonna tell you itíll all be okay tomorrow – because sometimes it wonít be. Just know that Iím here, Iím listening, and youíre not alone. – #skinpositivity #mypaleskinblog

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The most recent, and inspiring moment of acne positivity comes from 25-year-old makeup artist and vloggerRocio Cervantes.


Cervantes recently posted a tweet in which she, in the best way imaginable, emphasized her acne spots rather than trying to cover them up: She made her scars into stars.

She followed that up with her reason for the little project, writing that she hopes “anyone dealing with any skin condition can know they are not alone,” and that she felt “ashamed” of herself for wondering what life would be like if she had clear skin.

The tweets quickly went viral as messages of support and love came in from grateful friends and strangers.

Many were uplifted and inspired by the makeup artists positive message.

Clearly, the world needs more people like Rocio Cervantes.