23 People Share The Sluttiest Thing They’ve Ever Done, And WOW Y’all A Buncha Sluts Forreal!

12. Which one is the slut in this scenario?

I still wore my wedding ring and girls like a guy with a ring on it seems. i told her i’m still married but not with her anymore but she said it was the ring that turned her on. she wanted to be a ‘bad girl’ and hook up with a married guy.

11. How do your coworkers bring it up organically every time?

Dumpster blow job. We were playing poker in a bar. A few girls wanted to learn. One sat down beside me and I quickly taught her how to play.

Once she was in the game, she said “what if I lose?” I said “you give me a blow job”. I think I was joking. Not sure. I was drunk. She lost of course. I’m a good poker player.

Received my payment out behind the bar on a dumpster. I hear about it at least once a week at work (from my co-workers who know about it) to this day.

10. Just the tip (sorry).

Had sex with a customer not but 2 hours after being her waiter. At first I was like damn I just got laid out of nowhere but then I was like dude that was trashy.

9. Was…was it even your birthday?

I had a friend of mine offer me a blowjob just because it was my birthday. Before knowing this, I went to a park she was at with a female friend.

My friend just said ‘happy birthday’ and asked if I wanted a blowjob. I was shocked. I obviously said yes. She did it in front of her friend. And that is all I never did with that friend, life can be odd at times…

8. Ah, Tinder Love Story.

I was seeing 2 girls from Tinder. One was a serious love interest (current girlfriend), and the other was nothing more than a f*ck buddy.

Well I ended up sleeping with girl #1 for the first time on Friday night, and then went to a hotel for girl #2 on Saturday night. thought about cancelling #2, but she already paid for the hotel. I told girl #2 that it was the last time. #2 was really freaky and that was the first time I had anal or cum on a girl’s face.

That was the peak, and end, of my whore days.

7. I’m starting to see why this guy proposed…

-Dressed up in lingerie, put in a butt plug, put on a long coat, drove to my now-fiance’s house (an hour away), and fucked him immediately.

-Had sex outside between two apartment buildings up against the wall. At one point, a guy came out to leave. We had just finished so we just sort of pulled up our pants (I tried, failed, and ended up giggling) and hoped he wouldn’t turn his head to see us.

-Blew now-fiance in a movie theatre parking lot in broad daylight while waiting for a movie time.

-Also blew him in broad daylight, outside, near a busy park on a weekend on a flight of stairs. We then went to go eat burgers at a bar nearby.

-Went into the bathroom at my friend’s apartment on Halloween and sent now-fiance a ton of fun nudes while dressed in my Alice in Wonderland costume. There were about 15 people at the party and he was in the middle of a conversation with several of them when my texts started showing up. I can’t remember if he panicked or not, but I do remember him feeling slightly concerned that someone probably saw. They were not subtle nudes.

6. You did your duty, sir.

I jerk off in a Airport restroom. Was coming back home from Iraq and the smell of clean pretty women just became to overpowering. My dick would not stop being hard. I did what I had to do.

5. What neck of the woods is this?

I got invited to a “barn yard” party. Sounds exciting right? Basically go out to the sticks, this is rural ohio don’t you’all know, and have a big bonfire. Luckily no cross burning.

Me and this girl start talking, and we end up sneaking back into the barn and received felatio on a bed of hay. The slutty part is there were at least 3 other couples doing the same thing… lots of people in my neck of the woods had their first sexual experience in a barn….

4. Our first 3-a-day, folks.

Found out an ex was cheating. Forgave her for a day and f*cked her. Showered, then screwed a friend who had a crush on me in the afternoon as I told her the story and realized I was dumb to forgive cheating gf. Late at night another friend invites me over and before the clock strikes midnight, f*cked her too.

TL;DR- Sex with three different partners in one day

3. Um…ouch.

This isn’t me, but my dear, sweet, remarkably stupid sometimes friend. She gets down and dirty with a guy. Things are getting hot. No condom.

My friend, not being one to blueball, pulls out a fucking Skittles wrapper and uses that instead. She gets UTI, not pregnant, and that man is now referred to as Skittledick by almost everyone.

I love her, but her birthday gift that year was an XL pack of Skyns.

2. Talk about a dirty movie

I did a girl doggie style over the back row. no one was in the theater. sure there might have been a person in the projection room but they wouldnt have been able to see the actually f*cking. just my hairy white ass.

1. Props.

Many years ago, in college. Something I’m sure I could never pull off again.

Went out to a dance bar with my friend. Got outrageously drunk. Decided I wanted to get laid that night. So I got up on the table at the end of the dancefloor. I took a look at all the guys in the bar and selected the most attractive one…. and pointed at him.

I just stood there and pointed at him until he noticed. Eventually he saw me so I beckoned him over. I hopped off the table, grabbed his hand, pulled him outside to a cab, and took him home. 0 conversation involved.

Still shocked to this day that it worked. Didn’t get his name and never talked to him again.