Boyfriend Sucker Punches Guy In The Face For Staring At His Girlfriend’s Booty

I’m a true believer that violence is never the answer. But, there are some people who can’t control their anger when someone does something seriously wrong and awful.
A wireless store’s security video is going viral on YouTube showing a boyfriend who completely lost his cool on a guy who looked like he was staring at his girlfriend’s butt. The video shows the boyfriend and girlfriend talking to the sales associate, while a random guy leans over and blatantly stares at the girlfriend’s rear end (or so it looks like from the angle). Seeing as he was standing in front of a clear showcase of phones and whatnot, he could have very well have been leaning over to look at merch–but, who knows.

The boyfriend proceeds to call him out, and then just rocks him straight away in the face–so much so that the guy’s hat falls off. The girlfriend then begs the sales associate not to call the police and fights with her boyfriend for being a violent toolbag.

People on YouTube were torn between whether or not the boyfriend did the right thing. Personally, I think punching someone in the face is a bit much–calling him out would have been just fine.

One person said that if the guy didn’t touch his girlfriend, there’s no reason to get violent.

yeah no right to lay hands on him unless he grabs her ass or something inapropriate it is called civilization.

But, others said he did the right thing.

he deserved to get punched. It is good to have some moral

That’s what he gets.

All in all, there are better ways to handle situations than to resort to violence.