Ariana Grande Clapped Back At A Fan Who Kept Dragging Her Relationship With Pete Davidson

As many people know, pop star Ariana Grande is engaged to comedian Pete Davidson. The two got serious after dating for a little under a month. Since they went public with their engagement, fans have been hating on the two rather hard claiming that they rushed into things too fast–and, that Davidson isn’t good enough for Grande.

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The two are pretty fed up with fans and followers judging their relationship. So much so, that Pete Davidson actually deleted his social media accounts to get some peace of mind and get away from people who were nothing but mean.

Now, Grande is taking a stand against fans who keep pushing her. Recently, she released the tracklist to her album Sweetener, which drops on August 17th. One of the songs that she had revealed before was called “Pete.” But, Grande changed the title of the song now to “Pete Davidson.”

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(Shout out to my good friend Kimmy who solo-wrote “Better Off.”) Anyway, one fan asked why she changed the name of the song, to which she said:

But, one fan on Instagram began trolling Grande for naming the song after Pete Davidson. But, Ariana Grande wasn’t going to let her disrespect her engagement on social media. So, when the fan said she’d skip the song all the time, Grande mocked her like a savage.

But, then the same fan made some pretty serious accusations–claiming Grande cheated on her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, with her new fiancé. But, Grande shut this down, too.

There you have it, boring fan–Grande is sick of your sh*t and would rather lose you as a fan than hear from you again. You’re cancelled.


Written by Lex Gabrielle

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