Ariana Grande Dragged Fans To The Depths Of Hell For Saying Justin Bieber Was Lip-Syncing During Their Coachella Performance

Recently, Ariana Grande headlined two weekends in a row of the Coachella Music Festival in Coachella, California. The Grammy-Award-Winning singer produced not one, but two albums in less than a year that broke records, topped charts, and truly won over millions around the world.

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During the second leg of Coachella, Grande decided to invite a friendly face on stage whom she has known for years—having shared the same manager for the majority of her professional career; Justin Bieber.

The moment was something fans have been waiting for—as Bieber hasn’t performed publicly and live for over 2 years. However, people on Twitter began pointing out that Bieber was “clearly” lip-syncing overhis track, “Sorry.”

After people online kept talking about it, E!’s Nightly Pop host Morgan Stewart brought it up on national television. Stewart and her co-hosts basically ripped Bieber apart.

Bieber himself got on Twitter and decided to reach out to Stewart, dragging her for bullying him after he took a 2-year hiatus.

Ariana Grande decided to stand up for herfriend and give everyone online the facts of the performance—like, it was decided literally 10 minutes before it happened.

She also added:

Circling back. Your fans, friends, and the world is thrilled to have you back. Everyone was so happy to see you smile like that. No one will ever understand how it feels to be you, but it’s not their job to. Take care. Make music. You are loved. P.S. everyone in that video will be streaming. I don’t like when people try to ruin beautiful moments for my friends.”

Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin, was happy to see Grande supporting him.

People online were happy to see both Bieber, Grande, and Baldwin supporting each other—as both have gone through rough times in the public eye.

You heard it here, haters, no one has time for your negativity.

h/t: BuzzFeed