Justin Bieber Reportedly Punched A Guy Who Was Assaulting A Woman At Coachella

Justin Bieber was one of the many celebrities who attended Coachella Music Festival this weekend in California. While at a party on Saturday, Bieber swooped in as a hero when he broke up a pretty scary situation.

According to TMZ, Beiber showed up at a party on Saturday night when a guy walked in and attacked a woman. Reports indicated that the guy may have been on drugs and the woman was his ex-girlfriend. She was with another guy and grabbed the woman by the throat. Bieber and his friends apparently yelled at the guy, as several people screamed at the guy to let her go. He refused and tightened his grip on the woman’s neck.

Bieber reportedly punched the guy in the face and then pushed him up against a wall so the woman could escape. The man was thrown out of the party and later, chased down Bieber’s SUV when he was leaving the same party. He was later arrested on charges of assault for attacking the woman and threatening to attack Bieber.

Bieber has not commented on the situation but posted this photo with Post Malone saying “a great ending to a great day.”

People on Twitter were reaching out to Bieber to thank him, praise him, and report their own witness accounts of what went down.