28 Ladies Share The Smooth Pickup Lines They Actually Fell For

It is not easy being a woman, especially a single woman trying to find a life partner. I suppose it could be said just that it’s not easy being single, but – for real – women definitely have the harder side of the bargain. Incels may want people’s pity, but come on guys, just shut up and stop being whiny – no one deserves anything (much less sex) except to be treated like a goddam human being with the respect and dignity that entails.

So next time your in a bar, and you see a woman being harassed by some insistent douche, help her out or something.

And if you are gonna try and pick up a lady in a bar, at least be cool and funny about it – it’s way less horrible for the ladies being hit on that way. And you really don’t have to actually be cool to do it, picking up women is not just for the Fonz. Just not being a d*ck goes really f*cking far. These ladies from Ask Reddit will show you:

28. This guy who almost died:

Not exactly a pick up line and I don’t know the best one but probably the most memorable one though, but we were walking on the street and I spotted this really gorgeous guy and we had instant chemistry.

We smiled at each other and dude start immediately crossing the street like an idiot, almost gets hit by a car. The first thing he says at me is “Look at that, almost died. Worth it though”, He was a really sweet and was visibly stunned of actually doing what he did and that you could tell he didn’t thought it through and didn’t know what to do next, his awkwardness made it even more charming.

27. This sweetly smooth operator:

He walked up to me, asked if I’d like a kiss, then offered from a big bag of Hershey’s kisses. After that, he walked away.

Had chocolate, had sex.

To clarify (I’ve told this story before and had people confused about how sex happened if he walked away): I approached him soon afterwards. His opener was light and funny, and then he backed off and gave me space to respond on my own terms, which showed he wasn’t pushy.

He offered his chocolate to everyone, too. Not just girls. That really reflected well upon him.

26. This guy who was ready for anything:

Not a girl, but saw my friend be incredibly smooth.

While sitting at a bar one night, he was showing me his new iPhone. I think it was iPhone 7, as there was enough new stuff that warranted him showing it off.

Girl next to him asks if it’s the new iPhone, he says yes. She asks for his favorite feature, and he says “This” while handing her the phone. It was the New Contact screen. She just smiled and put in her name and number.

25. This nerd who sealed the deal:

I used “I wish I were a secant line so I could touch your curve twice” over a decade ago. She hit me immediately and then proceeded to ask me what it meant. We have been married about 9 years now and I still use corny pickup lines on her at every opportunity.

24. This guy who knew what he wanted:

One time in Vegas, I was at a pool party dancing with a group of girls (bachelorette party.) I saw a guy watching me dance and eventually he made his way over to me.

After talking to him for a couple of minutes and him asking to dance with me, I told him I was married. I told him I had a friend in my group that was single and I was about to point her out when he said, “You are the only person I’ve wanted to dance with since I saw you walk in. I’m sure your friend is lovely, but she won’t be you.”

23. This adorable favor-asker:

My personal favorite:

Walks up, holds out hand “Hi, would you mind holding this for me while I take a walk in the park?”

22. This sugar-tongued teen:

One time while I was waiting tables i passed a table with a teenager and his family. He tossed a packet of sugar onto the empty drink tray I was carrying and said “dropped your name tag.” I giggled and blushed like a doofus and he got a lot of high fives.

21. This sweet pre-teen:

My first kiss was with my best friend at the time in middle school. He bet me a quarter that he could kiss me without touching my lips. I thought he was just going to kiss my cheek or hand or something and say I owed him a quarter, but he really kissed me, pulled a quarter out of his pocket, pressed it in my hand and said ‘worth it.’

20. This dude who got spotted:

Not a girl but my buddy and I went to the bar and a good looking girl was kinda poppin her head up looking around for someone next to us and he said “Hi I’m right here” she went home with him.

19. This guy who unexpectedly won:

I was at the bar and a guy leaned into the counter, facing me, and said, “my friends want to know if you think I’m hot.” I told him to tell his friends that yes, I do think you are hot.” You could tell he didnt think that far ahead and he started walking away, but it was funny so I bought him a drink 🙂