20+ People Share Crucial Things They Learned About The Opposite Sex Waaaaay Too Late In Life

4. This dude who was absolutely not ready to be a father:

A friend in high school never paid any attention in sex ed. He was 18 years old when his girlfriend told him her period was late. He thought it was weird. A few days later she told him “it’s ok, I got my period” he said “ewww” and went on his merry way. Told a couple of chick friends how his girlfriend was acting strange. We had to explain the entire process of conception to him. He was absolutely fascinated so we went all out with vagina diagrams, pregnancy, birth, periods. He would ask questions about it all day for months.

3. This woman who just didn’t know the blow:

I dated my now husband in high school, and had an embarrassing attempt at a first blow job. I didn’t really watch porn, so I literally just started kissing it (no tongue) and then asked if it felt good.

“Ummmmmm…….. not really”

He still married me.

2. This dude who was very successfully trolled:

A long time ago in my late teens, a girl asked me really uncomfortable questions and she admitted she was an open book. I asked if she masturbates. She said “no. girls don’t masturbate.”

I believed her for the longest time until I met my ex. Which then revealed she did. It was a combination of embarrassment and anger on being trolled.

1. This dude who came up with a way better system:

I had always thought a woman had her period once a month so I had it in my head that it was like a cell phone bill where it was every month on a specific date like the 15th.