11 Benefits Of Dating An Older Man You Oughta Think About

Young women are raised to be wary of older men. This makes sense, considering women who suffer violence and abuse typically do so at the hands of men. But when teenagers become young women and begin to date in earnest, older men become far more appealing than their younger counterparts.

If you’ve never considered dating an older guy, perhaps it is time to do so now. Here’s why:

11. He knows what he wants.

Hands down one of the best parts of dating an older dude is the fact that he (probably? hopefully?) isn’t wasting your time. He’s partied, sowed his wild oats, had tumultuous, passionate, good, bad, and ugly relationships. He’s all the better for his experience with life, love, and loss. He knows what he wants and what he doesn’t out of a partner, and he can appreciate the qualities many younger folks of both genders take for granted.

10. He isn’t as likely to judge you.

Younger dudes are still trying to figure themselves out, and continue doing so well into their thirties. A more mature man is comfortable with who he is and will be dedicated to nurturing you so you can get on that same level.

Whether physically, creatively, emotionally, or psychologically, the mature man is over all those silly insecurities of youth, and will help you leap over them too.

9. He is financially secure.

Of course like anything else on this list, it isn’t a hard and fast rule, but older dudes generally have their financial situations figured out. Not saying that you need a guy with money, simply saying that everyone likes to feel taken care of every once in a while. Furthermore, financial security is an important thing if you are planning on building a stable future with this man.

8. He’s good at sex.

Most older men have had enough partners to figure out how to make a woman feel good. They know where the clitoris is. They aren’t turned off by body hair or large labias or uneven boobs or any of the other things women are sometimes insecure about. They can maybe even teach you a thing or two about the bedroom, or make you feel more comfortable with your own body and sexuality, if that’s what you need.

7. He has more to talk about.

Conversation is a priority for women at every stage of life, whereas men only begin to appreciate it when they get a little older. The only way to keep a long-term relationship healthy and happy is to have a lot to talk about; the most passionate of relationships fizzle if they are based off sex alone.

6. Hanging out with his friends is more fun.

Ok, this one might seem a bit shallow, but what life really comes down to is the every day. Do you want to spend your weekends listening to some bros at a sports bar talking about Rick and Morty? Or do you want to go meet up with more sophisticated, interesting people at nice cafes and barbecues at their lake house?