3 Hulu Documentaries Everyone Should See

There are a couple of different Hulu subscription plans, but they all unlock the same vast catalog of TV shows, movies, anime, thrillers, and Hulu originals. The only difference between the Hulu plans is whether it’s worth the additional cost to not have to deal with commercials.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the various Hulu plans by price:

When considering Hulu vs Netflix, Hulu is the better option for watching your favorite TV shows, which often hit the service right after airing. But Hulu also offers some really interesting documentaries.

Here are our top recommendations from the Daily Dot.

The best Hulu documentaries:

1) Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie

Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie is a nuanced balancing act as it tells two stories side-by-side: the long and often weighted history of Barbie and Mattel’s efforts to change Barbie’s iconic shape for the first time in its history. Barbie may be an avatar, but it’s evident that the doll has always been much more than that—for better and worse—to critics and consumers alike. —Michelle Jaworksi

2) Batman and Bill

In Batman and Bill, author Marc Tyler Nobleman details his years-long quest to get Batman co-creator Bill Finger the credit he deserves. Most people don’t even know Finger’s name, but any element that comes to mind when you think of Batman, there’s a good chance Finger had a hand in it. Like a Batman comic, the documentary has secret identities, mysteries, injustices demanding to be brought into the light, and even a conniving villain determined to steamroll the meek for his own personal gain. —David Wharton

3) Becoming Bond

With his starring role in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, an Australian male model and former used car salesman named George Lazenby entered the small fraternity of men who’ve played James Bond on the big screen. But then Lazenby just walked away from a seven-film contract and a million-dollar bonus. Decoding the enigma of Lazenby is the focus of Hulu’s original documentary, Becoming Bond. It’s a funny, compelling look at a man determined to go his own way, even if his choices make no sense to the rest of the world. —David Wharton

For more, check out the Daily Dot’s full list of the best documentaries on Hulu.

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