3 Funny Movies On Hulu That Will Make You LOL

How does Hulu work? Its not complicated, but it does take a little bit of explanation.

Hulu is an on-demand streaming service that lets you watch more movies, TV shows, anime, and original content than you could ever imagine. If youre new to cord-cutting, Hulu is a great way to watch most of your favorite shows. Whether youre interested in This Is Us or Rick and Morty, Hulu makes new episodes available almost immediately after theyve aired on TV. If viewing in real-time is important to you, theres also Hulu with Live TV, which is exactly what it sounds like: the traditional Hulu streaming service plus a selection of more than 50 channels available live.

Hulu works like any other streaming service. You can watch online, on your phone, from select smart TVs, or via your streaming device of choice: Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick.

If youre not interested in live TV, there are two Hulu subscription plans for you to choose from: Hulu with Limited Commercials and Hulu with No Commercials. Its that simple. Heres a quick breakdown by price.

Hulu plans:

Now you just need to find something to watch. Navigating Hulu is pretty intuitive, especially vs Netflix, but the Daily Dot has a number of guides to help get you started. Here are our top recommendations for Hulu comedies.

3 funny movies on Hulu that will make you LOL:

1) Mystery Team

The simple pitch of 2009s Mystery Team is The Wire meets Encyclopedia Brown. It stars Donald Glover, Dominic Dierkes, and D.C. Pierson (who also wrote the script) as three high school seniors who continue the mystery-solving business they started as kids. The Mystery Team gets their biggest case to date when a young girl hires them to figure out who killed her parents. The barrage of jokes is relentless, and the hit rate is high. The cast is packed with tons of now-familiar faces (Aubrey Plaza, Ellie Kemper, Kay Cannon, Bobby Moynihan, and Matt Walsh all pop up) and energetic directing by Dan Eckman. Eddie Strait

2) In the Loop

Just because the reality of American politics now rivals most political satire in terms of absurdity doesnt make In the Loop any less sharp or any less brutally funny. Spun off from director Armando Iannuccis BBC series The Thick of Itas well as a spiritual predecessor to his HBO creation, Veepthis 2009 Oscar-nominee for best original screenplay depicts a transcontinental struggle between Great Britain and America to prevent an impending war. Starring familiar faces such as Doctor Whos Peter Capaldi and Veeps Anna Chlumsky, In the Loop is the kind of gem of a movie that hides in plain sight. Its only gotten more incisive in the years since its release, and youll have no idea how you lived without Malcolm Tuckers wonderfully artful swearing once it enters your life. Chris Osterndorf

3) Talladega Nights

Ricky Bobby is every bit the equal of the more quoted and memed Ron Burgandy. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are a comedy duo we should be thanking the gods for; were so unworthy of their greatness. People mistakenly think this movie rips on NASCAR, but its much friendlier in its ribbing and its funnier because it aims for silliness over anything else. Eddie Strait

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