Woman Finds Ridiculously Chilling Details About Her In Insane Coworker’s ‘Stalker Diary’

Every woman loves a person who admires her, cares about her, or gives her lovey-dovey compliments.

But it gets creepy when you find out that the job you left three years ago, a co-worker from that company has written an entire diary on you. I mean, to some ladies, that might sound cute and adorable but trust me, it’s not! This is one of the creepiest situations one could face because these type of people are classified as psychopaths, who can do anything to get what they want. They can cross every limit to get the attention of their lover.

This isn’t a hypothetical story but something this lady actually experienced. We are glad that she got rid of him, but not everybody can.

Let’s take a look at the diary she received.

Via MiriLouDoesItToo

Okay, this seems promising.

No chocolates? I hate him already.

The hell? Where is this even going!?

That’s somewhat sad because he loved her.

This isn’t even cute.

Well, that’s acceptable.

Desperateness is such a turn off though.

She got it all figured out.

That’s so creepy and inspirational at the same time. But no, that’s not an inspiration.

It’s your life, lady. You do whatever you want.

Okay, what the hell did I just read? He even took a picture!?

He really had it all figured out.

Although this isn’t even related to me, but I feel paranoid too.

Is he considering her masturbation material? This guy has lost it…

I totally feel you, girl.

Okay, she needed to call the cops and inform them about this.

He’s surely a psychopath.

I’m so glad that she didn’t have to confront him because this guy definitely needed serious medical care!

Damn, he got arrested! Well, that’s such a relief. I just hope he doesn’t try anything after he comes out because as we know, psychopaths can do anything.

So, an admirer isn’t always good, plus he doesn’t fall into the category of admirers at all. Initially, I didn’t expect this, to be honest. Have you ever been caught in a similar less-creepy scenario? Let us know!