The Rock Just Responded To DJ Khaled Not Going Down On His Wife And People Are Losing Their Minds

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just responded to DJ Khaled’s statement about and reasoning for not going down on his wife. But first, a quick refresher:

In a resurfaced 2015 interview at 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” DJ Khaled said he does not go down on his wife but expects it in return because “it’s different rules for men…we the king.”

Smashmouth, the band behind the Shrek-featured musical masterpiece “I’m A Believer” already gave their two cents to this asinine statement.


“At least THIS guy is into it!” rejoiced women worldwide.


Thank god.

And now Mr. Rock Johnson has responded as well, a genius retort that may or may not top that of Smashmouth. It is not for me to decide.



No, sir, if anything this is not TMI enough. We need more I. Give it to us.

The Rock’s tweet was met with much cyber-applause.

Uh…enjoy this gif:

And this one:


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