Ronnie From ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Having Major Drama With His Baby Momma On Social Media

While many people may think the “Jersey Shore” cast is old and washed up since they first stepped onto MTV’s scene over six years ago–it looks like while some are parents, they still have major drama.
On this week’s episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” Ronnie admitted in a conversation with Snooki that he’s basically still in love with his ex-girlfriend, Sammi Sweetheart. Many fans were disappointed when they found out Sammi wasn’t returning to MTV for the reunion special–although, she had pretty good reasons for not wanting to attend.

According to the ladies of the show, Sammi is in a healthy and happy relationship with a brand new guy, after being on-and-off with Ronnie for seven years. In the end, Ronnie ended up cheating on Sammi one too many times, and he lost her for good. Sammi, however, seems happier than ever.

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Ronnie told Snooki on this weeks episode that he doesn’t “trust” his current girlfriend and mother of his child. He also told cameras that he does miss his ex-girlfriend, Sammi. It’s obvious that Ronnie has unresolved feelings and issues with Sammi, as all he does is bring her up in the house this season.


This week, in his Instagram stories, Ronnie showcased that he and his girlfriend and baby momma are having some wild drama. He posted some harsh words about his girlfriend saying that basically–she’s trash.


He also asked fans to give him some advice on a situation he might be going through…like, his girlfriend having videos of her ex on her phone still–even though she’s in a new relationship and pregnant with Ronnie’s baby.


Ouch, this drama seems hella messy–especially after the two just welcomed a baby into the world.

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I guess we’ll wait and see how this one plays out, y’all. All we do know is, Sammi won’t be saying “RAHNNNN STOPPPPP” anytime soon.