How 15 Teachers Responded When Students Offered Sex for Grades

8. Relieved

Young single male high school teacher here…I don’t know if I should be relieved or offended that this issue has never come up.

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9. Rubbed the wrong way…

I used to TA Freshman Astronomy at San Diego State and two particular girls were always asking for my help and purposefully rubbing their breasts on me to get a better a grade. I resisted the temptation although they were definitely hot. Lucky for me the cute dude that always needed my help didn’t use this tactic. I might have had trouble resisting him…

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10. They don’t all resist

When I was 27 I was teaching a string of EFL jobs in another south american country. I had one class that was a 25 year old girl who as a returning student who already had a degree and she had a lot of free time. I taught that class 4 hours a day 7 days week. She was good student who started showing up early to chat with me. (I refuse to speak L1 during class; before and after I prefer it). Then I started walking her home after class. I’m getting tired of typing so I’ll skip to the fun. One night I’m at her house and we end up going at it on the kitchen table at 5 am, complete with her moaning repeatedly “you’re my teacher this isn’t right”. Her sister is also a student of mine, in another class. The sister walks in and catches us in the act. Me being completely awkward in all situations said the first thing that popped into my head. “Your getting home late, you have the final in 2 hours.” Fun time was over and I ended up leaving the school over my embarrassment.

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11. And, they don’t all end up with an “A”

I work as a history teacher in Sweden, at a local university. One year there was a girl (22-23) who took a basic course for one year, she kept failing the exams during the whole autumn. She was not too bad, just on the edge but I still had to fail her. So when the Christmas holiday is closing in, I ask her if she could stay after class (and a couple of other students) in order to give them assignments to do during the holidays. For some reason she stays behind when the other leaves the classroom, she asks me if I could show her what she missed out on the last examination. I had the exams in my office, so she comes along. As I go through the binders, looking for her exam – she says “I will blow you if you pass me on this class”. I felt paralyzed and did not know what to say. She was a beatuful young, viral woman – and very convincing in her voice. That was the best blow-job I ever had in my 36 years old life, what an early christmas present. That was a one-timer and it never happend again. Oh and yes, I failed her in class.

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12. Leave the door open.

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I’ve written about this before. Had a fairly attractive woman tell me she would do anything so she could pass the class. This was a 3rd year CS programming class. She was in way over her head. I immediately became aware of what she was implying and that the door was closed to my office… and it was an evening class. I was… spooked.

I never closed my door with a student in my office after that.

What spooked me the most was that there was no way she could have made it this far in the program and be that clueless unless she had, uh, help in earlier classes.

13. “But who are we supposed to sleep with?”

I was a teacher in rural West Africa for a few years. I had a few students approach me, and make an offer. I rejected them 100%, and had long conversations regarding how inappropriate and terrible this was.

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It didn’t help that it was quite common for this to happen, and the same females that were approaching me were approaching the other teachers. At one of my schools, 2 girls became pregnant from teachers, which gets kinda ugly since pregnant girls are not allowed to be in school.

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We had faculty meetings where the principal would say verbatim, “OK, I need to tell all the teachers not to sleep with students.” and the teachers would laugh and say, “But who are we supposed to sleep with?”….and everyone would chuckle and then discuss the next topic on the agenda.

14. “I can handle it.”

Female university professor for 16 years. I’ve been flirted with countless times, but only outright propositioned twice. Neither time was for grades, as both students were already doing well in class. One was a 19-year-old boy who told me that he was sure he could “handle a 30-year-old woman.” I managed not to laugh at him, mainly because I was very fond of him. Of course, I turned both down. No consequences to them.

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15. Oblivious

I’ve been a college instructor, teaching assistant, or professor for ten years. I’m extremely oblivious, so I don’t typically realize I’m being hit on until a month or two later. Semester ends, I’m in my office thinking of the past semester, saying “Man X was friendly — she sure seemed nice but she always wore low cut tops and OH MY GOD!” And then the realization sets in.

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I’d never act on it. Most of the ones who like me are way too young for my taste (I go the opposite direction — much prefer older women). But I’m completely oblivious.

Anything like this ever happen to you?

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