This Dude Actually Sent A Girl A Bill For Their Date After She Ghosted Him

When someone ghosts you after a date, daydreaming about revenge is often inevitable (and even healthy!). But, when you take your revenge so far that you’re suing the other person for “wasting your time” … well, that’s another matter entirely.

Recently, Amanda Burnett went on a date with a guy that ended in sputters rather than fireworks. Consequently, she decided to nip things in the bud by not texting him back. (Not a great move, but also not unheard of.)

Amanda was therefore flabbergasted when she received an invoice from the guy for the purchases he made on her behalf during their date.


This move could have simply been considered a shady joke — in which case, props to this guy. However, the dude took things way too far by subsequently threatening to sue Amanda for the designated amount.


Obviously, people on Twitter felt that the best response was to promptly bill the guy for having to deal with his bullsh*t.

Others felt that the opportunity was ripe for pranking.

Of course, others thought that the guy’s move was brilliant, on behalf of ghosted people everywhere.

But, the truth is, it’s a lot of unnecessary effort to go to for a girl you’re not trying to date — and if you are trying to date her, then, sorry bro, but there’s no coming back from “I’m suing you.”

Oh, well. At least this guy got a sense of justice and Amanda got some pulled pork tacos.