Students Couldn’t Bring Cell Phones To Their Exam, So This Kid Brought A Record Player

Sometimes, ingenuity can appear in the most unexpected places. One student recently found a way to listen to his favorite music during an exam while simultaneously honoring his teacher’s rule of not using a cell phone. The student’s solution? Why, bring in a portable record player, of course.

According to Eric Saueracker, a teacher at Hudson’s Bay High School in Vancouver, WA, one of his students brought in a record player and a collection of vinyl records to listen to during one of the class exams. Apparently, Saueracker doesn’t allow cell phone, even for music, since the devices can be used to cheat.

The student in question, Wyatt Prutch, chose to listen to Kanye during the exam.

Ironically, Wyatt was listening to “College Dropout.”

Sauracker later updated everyone to confirm that, yes, Wyatt did ace the exam — so it would appear that the turntable shenanigans were well worth it.

Obviously, people were impressed with Wyatt’s ingenuity.

Kanye would be proud, I’m sure.

Just goes to show: you don’t have to break the rules when you can bend them.