This Girl’s Experience With A Football Player On Tinder Is The Purest Interaction We’ve Ever Seen

We all know that Tinder interactions can be pretty vile. For some strange reason, people on the app interpret a swipe as an invitation to solicit nothing but sex, sex, and maybe anal.

But, it turns out, not all Tinder interactions have to be sexual and inappropriate for children under 13. In fact, there are some gems out there that use the app for other things in the world–like games. Lyra, a Tinder user, shared her recent interaction with a Florida State University football player that is one for the books.


After matching, the guy sent Lyra a message saying, “You trying to play?” Lyra was confused and thought he meant football (seeing as his photo was from a football game). But, he instructed Lyra to read his bio.

Clearly, he wasn’t into playing football.

It turns out, he was only on the app to play “Words With Friends” with people–not to find love. Lyra posted the interaction on Twitter saying:

“This is my favorite Tinder experience ever.”

It turns out, other girls were already playing him in “Words With Friends.”

What a way to use Tinder for a reason other than booty calls. Kudos.