17 Secret Costco Facts That Are Even Better Than The Free Samples

We all want to feel like we belong to an exclusive club. Whether it’s a secret speakeasy or a hot new spot in the city where you have to know a guy to get in. But most of us just aren’t that cool, or are just too busy to be dealing with that nonsense. Thankfully, there’s a place where you can go where everybody knows your name where you can grab a reasonably priced membership to get great wholesale deals. That place is Costco, and if you already have a membership, you might not be taking the fullest advantage of it. Here are some secrets.

1. Costco Employees Actually Make Pretty Good Money

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Every employee starts at $11.50/hour base, with wages going as high as $20/hour. Plus, benefits such as health, vision, dental and even 401k. Good on you, Costco.

2. The Free Samples People Don’t Even Work For Costco


They’re contractors hired by Costco. IMPOSTERS!

3. Anyone – Yes, Even You – Can Buy Booze At Costco

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That’s because in more than a dozen states it is illegal for stores to sell liquor with a required membership.

4. You Can Find Costco Internationally, Such As in Australia, South Korea, Japan, And France

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5. Members Can Cancel Their Membership At Any Time And Receive A Full Refund

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6. Technically, It Remains One Of The Nation’s Largest Pizza Chains


While Chuck-E Cheese has 600 locations, Costco isn’t too far behind, with over 500.

7. Employees Become Executive Members For Free

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That executive membership gives back 2% of qualified purchases annually in the form of a gift certificate. Noice.

8. The Classic Hotdog & Soda Combo Has Remained At $1.50 Since It Was Introduced In The 80’s

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9. There Are Purposefully No Signs To Encourage Shoppers To Wander The Aisles And Buy More Stuff

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10. The Limited Selection Helps Reduce Labor Costs

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This enables stockers to unload palettes of inventory at a time, rather than unboxing each and every different brand.