Tumblr User Shares Secret Tip For Staying In Hotels That Could Potentially Save Your Life

When you’re staying in a hotel, many of times it’s because you’re on vacation with your family, friends, or loved ones. Going to a hotel is a soothing, luxurious experience that’s associated with a break from reality. But, there are some people who stay in hotels for other reasons entirely–far from a vacation. One Tumblr user who works in a hotel shared some vital tips and information that everyone should know when staying in a hotel.

Sometimes, people choose to stay in hotels when they are running from danger, hiding, or running away. When this happens, there are important “precautions” these people can take.

Instead of listing your room under your actual name (and the name on your ID/credit-card, you can put yourself under “unlisted,” in the directory. This way, many people treat you as though you’re “not there.” If someone comes looking for you, they cannot reveal that you’re staying there.

Essentially, from people who are running away from dangerous situations–such as abuse–this can save their lives. Many people do not know this is possible when staying at a hotel–also, they don’t want to be judged by the clerk or employees.

They also shared some more tips from a hotel receptionist from the hotel they personally work for–including extra precautions.

There is also the question of where in the hotel you stay, as well as how guests can get in the hotel rooms.

It’s important to realize if you need safety, people who work at hotels are here to help and protect you–even if you think they may not.

It’s nice to know that in life, there are some people who are on your side when you feel as though your back is against the wall. Share to save a life.