Gal Gadot Called Out Ryan Reynolds On Instagram And His Response Is Hilarious

Whenever we see celebrities interacting on social media, it’s like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs–amazing. Recently, Gal Gadot–also known as the incredible actress who plays Wonder Woman–called out our dear friend Ryan Reynolds on Instagram.

If you’re a fan of superheroes and Wonder Woman, you’d know she has a signature pose.


Ryan Reynolds, who plays the hilarious superhero Deadpool, copied Wonder Woman’s pose all decked out in his Deadpool gear. Gal Gadot decided to repost the photo to Instagram saying:

Dude stole my look!!

She even tagged Reynolds in the photo.

Dude stole my look!! ??‍♀️? @vancityreynolds

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Reynolds decided to respond in the only way he knows how–in a hilarious fashion. First, on Twitter.

And, also, on the ‘gram.

Now, how do I petition for a Deadpool and Wonder Woman crossover story?