Ryan Reynolds Admits There’s One Person He Would Leave Blake Lively For

Let’s face it–Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are everyone’s favorite celebrity couple.
The two are hilariously in love and make us all believe in that little thing called “soulmates.” Whether they’re supporting each other on red carpets or trolling each other on social media–we truly cannot get enough of them.

Round 2 with this guy? Yes. Yes please. ? #deadpool2 I’ve seen it 3 times THIS WEEK …the movie, that is.

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And, while they are basically the “last standing” power couple in Hollywood that we totally ship, Ryan Reynolds admitted this week that there is someone he would leave the beautiful and perfect Blake Lively for–say whaaaaat?!?

In a recent interview with “Mr. Porter,” Reynolds discussed his family, career, and his love for watches. As an ambassador for Piaget, Reynolds discussed his love for the film “Planes, Trains And Automobiles,” ever since he was a young kid.

“There are two moments in the movie where you see Steve Martin’s watch. One where he’s in a board meeting that he’s trying to leave to catch his flight back home to Chicago. He thinks he’s going to miss it and we keep cutting to a close-up of his Piaget watch, a very 1980s-style watch. Then later in the film, he trades the watch for room and board for the night. It’s a fantastic scene…”

He talked about how he wants to pass his own Piaget down to his daughter, James, when she’s old enough. But, he also admitted that he would give up his watch, his family, and his beautiful wife for one person…

 it would definitely be for one night in a sh*tty motel room with Steve Martin. I think that’s a pretty good deal, too. Yeah, pillows and all. ‘Those aren’t pillows!’”