Ryan Reynolds Just Took His Troll-War With Hugh Jackman To An Epic Level

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been trolling each other for years on social media. From impressions to photobombs, to cameos and interviews–they’ve been on a journey to “out-troll” each other.

But, it seems as though Ryan Reynolds has found a way to take the troll battle to an entirely new level–using his character “Deadpool.” Hugh Jackman shared a tweet in which he was trying to record a “happy birthday” message to someone, but, was rudely interrupted by someone singing in the background. That, of course, would be none other than Reynolds himself–in full Deadpool gear. The song? Well, an appropriate one.

People on Twitter had some thoughts about more than just Deadpool in the bed. Like–why was Hugh Jackman in just his robe?

And, some took it a bit too far.

Others were curious as to what happened after the camera stopped rolling.

All in all, troll level 500+.