This Guy Introduced His Grandma To Uber Eats, Regrets It Immediately

Introducing the older generation to new, cool, hip things sound fun ideally, but after a while, it backfires because they ask you for help 100x a day. Just ask my grandmother, who only wanted me to come to her apartment last week to order her an Amazon Alexa on Amazon after seeing my mom could talk to a device all day long. She didn’t even give me cookies (what a waste).

If you’re living in 2018, you’ve heard of food delivery services such as Seamless, Post Mates, and UberEats. It’s the most convenient invention ever created because no one wants to call and order their food on the phone and risk someone misinterpreting our order–or, you know, having to interact with another human at all. Our grandparents, however, have probably not heard of such incredible things because, well, they’re old.

One Twitter user decided to introduce his grandmother to UberEats one day to deliver her some delicious Wendy’s (great choice). He did not, however, realize how much of a bad idea this would be. @decentbirthday shared the text exchange with his grandmother, who was shocked when she first received her Wendy’s–but then, took control and asked him to order her Wendy’s, again, the very next day.

Immediately, he realized she’s going to be doing this on the regular. Twitter could not stop laughing at the hilarious situation. Not only did she demand Wendy’s the very next day–she didn’t even ask.

But, Wendy’s is a huge fan of this grandma.